GoPiYoga Is for you. It’s a movement that inspires you to change, to evolve. It’s a moving language that soothes your mind, invigorates your body and brings harmony. GoPiYoga was created out of a great desire to share passion and love of movement and to discover the endless potential of your body and mind.

Private, professional Yoga and Pilates instruction is an investment in your practice and in yourself. GoPiYoga offers private and semi-private classes to target your specific needs. I will set an agenda based on your priorities – mastering a challenging pose, learning correct pose posture and alignment – focusing on your body and your practice.

GoPiYoga group classes are tailored to consider all levels of fitness and ability.

Our genetics, background, lifestyle and occupation, all have a huge impact on how our bodies look and feel. Every activity you do regularly, from holding your baby, working in an office, to lifting weights, jogging or dancing professionally, shapes your body. Years of use, misuse and abuse lead to discomfort, pain, injuries, premature aging as well as permanent nervous tension and stress.

GoPiYoga, Pilates and Yoga can undo this misuse; awake your deep intelligent muscles, recover the body and improve your wellbeing.