Gosia Mielech

Gosia Mielech is a founder of GoPiYoga. She is a choreographer, dancer, yogini and a teacher of Gaga, Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga and contemporary dance. She is an Ambassador of a yoga clothing company - Freeme.

Gosia is a founder of DanceLab: an independent dance company. DanceLab is an artistic laboratory, where movement, body and emotions are confronted with existing definitions of contemporary dance, in order to transcend them. DanceLab creates interdisciplinary performances, that can stimulate people’s mind and turn their imagination on. Also, Gosia works as an independent artist, taking part in many artistic collaborations and projects. DanceLab performances have been rewarded on several international festivals for innovative and abstractive ideas. Company presents its repertoire in Poland and abroad.

She graduated from Ballet School in Poznan, in the years 2007 – 2012 Gosia was a soloist of the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań.

Gosia started looking for other forms of movement, that could help her to recover the body and calm the mind after long working hours at the Theatre. Yoga and Pilates turned out to be a kind of rehabilitation for her, a perfect way to improve body awareness, accelerate regeneration and improve her dancing skills. With time, Yoga and Pilates became Gosia’s great passion and an inseparable part of her day. Every day practise teaches her to respect the body with its limitations and abilities.

Gosia loves to spice things up by mixing elements from yoga, pilates, ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and gaga. She has an extremely curious mind and is constantly educating herself. The most important thing for her is to teach from her own experience, honestly and straight from a heart. Her classes are playful, mindful, challenging, and creative. She encourages students to leave their comfort zone, to keep their own integrity and freedom within the practice.

Gosia gained her knowledge and experience in Poland; Open Mind Pilates School and abroad (Berlin, Oslo, Edinburgh, London). Apart from that, she frequently deepens her theoretical and practical knowledge by participating in several workshops and masterclasses (Basia Lipska, Radek Rychlik, Open Mind Pilates Convention, Bogna Forbes, Aneta Figurska, Olga Baran, Iza Stasikowska).

Gosia gives master classes and workshops for movement enthusiasts, professional dancers, dance students, amateurs abroad ( New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Scotland, Singapore, Brussels) and in Poland.