Personal Training

Personal training provides the motivation and exercise prescription to suit your capabilities and needs in fitness. The one–to–one class is bespoke depending on your specific goals and dependent on what type of training appeals to you. This would be the most efficient way to practise if you appreciate a precise and mindful approach to your workout.

Private sessions are recommended if you are injured or have health issues, as we will be able to address your needs. Private sessions are a perfect way to start your adventure with Pilates and Yoga, or to develop your skills. The one-to-one class is also very beneficial for sportspeople, who have specific requirements and for those who are having a very busy life and are struggling to find time to fit into a scheduled group class.

Private sessions can be booked at your convenience depending on availability. Private sessions take place at GoPiStudio, as well as, in the comfort of your own house, or another location of your choice.